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Custom Software Development

We design, develop, integrate and maintain customized web and mobile applications for entrepreneurs, startups and established enterprises. Using Ruby on Rails and other related technologies we have created e-business and e-commerce systems, Web 2.0 solutions, SaaS / Cloud products, business process optimization tools and mobile solutions. If you need to translate your ideas into a custom web or mobile application, we are keen to provide you with assistance in your quest.

Ruby on Rails Development

We are passionate and diligent Rubyists who leverage the power of Ruby on Rails and other related web technologies in programming software applications. Our teams have gained rich experience on multiple projects and have been programming with Ruby on Rails and applying Agile Development techniques since 2005. We use Ruby on Rails to develop solid custom software rapidly. Agile / iterative practices allow our clients to flexibly implement the right software solutions.

Software Outsourcing

Selleo is a Ruby on Rails outsourcing software development house. We have developed an efficient, result-driven nearshore / offshoresoftware product development outsourcing process. Located in Poland, we can serve all of Europe as a near-shore provider, allowing fast visits from the client or on-site service with low travel costs. Our location even allows partial workshift overlap with the eastern U.S. and Canada. We have delivered services in all these locations.

SaaS & Cloud Computing

We have developed a number of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, some of which were based on cloud computing. We have worked with cloud application platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Heroku. The solutions ensure easily scalable server architectures, flexible hardware management, more failure-tolerant infrastructure and cost efficiencies when dealing with heavy usage peak times. If you consider a SaaS and/or Cloud solution, we can help meet the challenge.

Mobile Solutions

We create cost-effective cross platform mobile solutions as well as high-performance native applications. Using Sencha, PhoneGap, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 we provide applications and tools that are customized to meet your specifications. Our mobile web applications can run in the cloud and be deployed to touch devices such as smartphones and tablets. Our native programming competences cover iOS and Android. With cross platform technologies our devices stack is extended to BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7.

Industry Expertise

Following a proven software development outsourcing process, we have developed web applications for healthcare, education / publishing, B2B services, real estate and retail / e-commerce. Our business is not only software development, but also web business consulting. Our focus onservices industries has often allowed us to go beyond technology and provide valuable product and business insights to proactively co-create software solutions with our clients.

Selleo is a Custom Software Development House and a Rails Outsourcing Company. In our work we focus on Ruby on Rails Application Development (developing a web-based, business-focused Rails applications and Ruby applications) and Custom Software Solutions (vendors develop Ruby on Rails custom software for a single customer and it can accommodate that customer's particular preferences and expectations). We also possess knowledge and understanding of Agile/Scrum methodologies. Through the years, as a Ruby on Rails outsourcing software development providers, we have gained rich experience in:

Software Development Outsourcing 

(working as a vendor or custom software provider a client can choose to outsource the entire product development or to outsource partial product development. In the first case, a client’s company has an idea of a product and with our business and technology consultants works onto the specification and we are entirely responsible for the application production. This option is the most appropriate for a new products)

SaaS Software Development

(working with our clients on saas outsourcing we put together web and mobile software solutions with business and professional services),

Mobile Android iOS Developers

(check the selection of our native and cross-platform Xamarin based mobile apps developed for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, FireFox OS or SailsFish OS devices),

Mobile Data Collection

(NGOs use our Android and iOS mobile data collection tools to monitor and evaluate their projects),

Cloud Development

(helping our clients to save costs and increase competitive advantage while implementing SaaS solutions)

Rails Software Development

(Rails is a framework, which automates time-consuming, repetitive tasks (things that were once done manually) so that Ruby on Rails vendor developers can focus on solving problems connected with client’s application and implement new features)

Ruby Software Development

(Ruby is the object oriented language dominant in Rails applications. It is said that it is easier to maintain a custom software application written in object oriented languages. Client’s company can benefit from the object oriented approach because easier maintenance means a longer, revenue-generating lifespan for your app).

According to this experience we also provide our clients with Web Consulting Services and IT Consulting Services (discovering the latest industry trends and strategies for successful offshore and nearshore outsourced software development) and Ruby on Rails Enterprise Application Development (solving the real problems of developing Rails applications in a changing business environment).

Creating Business to Business Software as a Ruby on Rails Developers (delivering small prototypes for SME’s and large enterprise applications for big firms), we operate with clients from Europe and USA (both as an offshore and nearshore software development company) in diverse business domains:

Business Process Management Tools Developer

(Business Process Optimization involves optimizing process flows of all sizes, crossing any application, company boundary and connecting process design and process maintenance)

Educational Software Developer

(the primary purpose of Education Software Development is enabling online / offline teaching or self-learning providing software full of interactive and social features connected with the given issue ),

Healthcare Software Developer

(e-health Developers delivers software solutions supporting medics in delivering safe health to patients in their care),

Survey Developer

(programming and deploying custom designed online surveys with multimedia integration),

E-Publishing Developer

(enabling our customers, through digital publishing, distribution of newspapers and books to millions smartphones, tablet reading devices and e-readers users, e-publishing development includes the digital publication of e-books, EPUBs, electronic articles, and the development of multimedia reading applications or interactive comics),

Retail Software Developer ,

Real Estate Software Developer

(creating web-based and mobile application which can be used in real estate industry for such processes as development and construction, budgeting and forecasting or asset and portfolio management).

We are looking for well sought out solutions to help our business partners in creating better and meaningful software applications.

As a Ruby on Rails Development Outsourcing team, we are passionate Rubyists and some of us can be called fanatic Rails Developers. Our teams are accustomed to the open source workings of the Rails community and we also do some open source contributions. Finding a qualified Ruby on Rails developer is not a challenge with us. We have chosen Ruby on Rails to write better software in less time. Our clients, which recognize us as a Ruby on Rails Europe Developer, appreciate results, and Rails enables to deliver custom software applications which fulfill all clients requirements. Ruby on Rails consists of two components: an object oriented programming language called Ruby, and a Web development framework called Rails. We use them both to develop meaningful web applications for our clients from Europe and USA and serve them as the experienced business offshore , nearshore outsourcing partner (in B2B and B2C domains).

Our company main domains of expertise are:

B2B Application Development (enabling enterprises automatisation of key business processes like customer-relationship management, procurement, warehousing, materials purchasing, distribution and electronical collaboration with trading partners)

Educational Software Development (enabling educational organizations and Publishing Development House providing proactive education & training to a large number of people),

>SaaS Development, e-commerce Development (enabling our clients using such modules in their software as Securetrading Payment, Rails CRM, Ruby SCM and Workflow Development ),

Real Estate Software Development (enabling brokers, agents and its clients to distribute and display information about listings, loans, and other home buying materials),

Healthcare Application Development (enabling a two-way flow of information between the patients and the doctor to complex medical practice management software including the day-to-day operations of a medical practices)

Social Network Development (developing for our clients software full of social activities enabling to manage online communities with unique and fully customized features and providing solutions as a Facebook Developers or Youtube Developer).

Based on the functional and non-functional requirements provided by our clients we create Technical Specifications and we often work as an Integration Developer specifying, designing and coding solutions that meet or exceed business objectives. This job included working at Integration Services, their implementation, testing and maintenance. It also requires a solid understanding and experience in building multithreaded applications and deep knowledge of data structures and relational databases. Checking our Portfolio one can find that we are serving our clients as:

Paypal Developers (developing e-commerce websites and applications with PayPal including such APIs as Transaction Details, Transaction Search, Refund Transaction ),

QuickPay Developers ( QuickPay is an online service that allows you to send money to and receive funds from virtually anyone who's enrolled with an e-mail address. It's fast, convenient, and secure, and it's easy to get started),

Google Checkout Developers (integrating Google Checkout API to a custom software to allow buyers to purchase services and goods with the use of a credit or debit card. This solution can be implemented in over 140 countries providing checkout process which can be characterized as a fast and secure one. Among the countries one can find some countries which have some experience in software development outsourcing like outsourcing India, outsourcing Indonesia, outsourcing China, outsourcing Bulgaria, outsourcing Philippines, outsourcing Jordan, outsourcing Singapore, outsourcing Thailand, outsourcing Lithuania, outsourcing Egypt, outsourcing Malaysia, outsourcing Estonia, outsourcing Chile, outsourcing Hungary, outsourcing Poland, outsourcing Czech Republic, outsourcing Ukraine, outsourcing Romania, outsourcing Latvia). We also perform an advanced integration with your existing internal systems using the XML API or HTML API)

Google Maps Developers (adopting Google Maps API for Business into your software or website to visualize location based data or engage your customers with embedded interactive maps),

Google Places Developer (integrating into your business software solutions the Google Places API which returns information about Places — defined within this API as establishments, geographic locations, or prominent points of interest — using HTTP),

MailChimp Developer (connecting MailChimp to your CMS, CRM, your blog, your e-commerce shopping cart, mobile application etc.) ,

  • Clickatell Developer (enabling the integration a Clickatell's global SMS gateway with your website or application).

Most of the development process at Selleo can be called Ruby Development and API Development (API is an application programming interface - a source code-based specification intended to be used as an interface by software components to communicate with each other) because we are Ruby on Rails Poland company and our work can be described as Rails Outsourcing or Ruby Outsourcing. Most of our work is still Ruby on Rails Outsourcing SaaS, Ruby on Rails Security or Ruby on Rails Reporting but the important part of it become Cross Platform Development and Xamarin Applications Development.

We are also an iOS and Androidnative mobile applicationsdeveloper.



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