Weekly Developers Digest Vol.2

Through the week we are discussing some tech ideas, sharing interesting technology articles and resources. To show our places on the web we decided to publish Weekly Developers Digest with links to the content we were talking about on our internal DEV channel.


A Ruby code quality reporter

RubyCritic is a gem that wraps around static analysis gems such as Reek, Flay and Flog to provide a quality report of your Ruby code.




gremlins.js is a monkey testing library written in JavaScript, for Node.js and the browser. Use it to check the robustness of web applications by unleashing a horde of undisciplined gremlin




AnyCable: Action Cable on steroids. Action Cable is one of the most attractive new features in Rails 5. WebSockets out of the box — sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?




Why the Elixir language has great potential



React Fix It

Automagically generate tests from errors.




An opinionated guide to React.js best practices and conventions



Advanced Data Tables in React

The web development community has left behind the days where tables were used for layout or weren’t used at all in favour of trendier layouts. We are finally using tables how they were intended to be used: For visualizing data.s.



simon – blog

Simon is a lead developer responsible for designing and building application’s architecture from the ground up. As a mentor and a testing advocate, he supports other developers in their efforts to design software applications with code optimization and scalability in mind. He enjoys leading teams and discussing with clients issues concerning technical recommendations and possible adjustments to requirements.

rsz_dp (2)

Dawid Pośliński  is a lead full-stack developer who loves making initial ideas as simple as possible and easy to implement. He helps entrepreneurs to reach their business goals providing technology consultancy and converting ideas into the web and mobile applications.


Paweł Duda  has an experience in developing e-commerce solutions coupled with analytical and problem solving skills. With a strong desire to enhance his development capabilities he is always eager to learn and adapt to new technologies and platforms.


Arkadiusz is a hardworking and reliable web developer who likes solving code design problems and always seeks an opportunity for improving the codebase. He is passionate and enthusiastic about improving work efficiency to speed up the development of the projects.