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Merit Money Service

Feedback Management Tool

The Merit Money System is a 360-degree peer-to-peer feedback management responsive web application which enables employees to reward their co-workers with kudos (reward points which may convert to bonuses) as a token of appreciation for their colleagues’ efforts, performance, demeanor and other aspects they deem worth rewarding. The solution – which can be used in small companies, non-profit organizations, project teams or working groups – was inspired by the concept of Merit Money from Management 3.0 practices developed and popularised by Jurgen Appelo.

The aim of this application is to provide organizations and/or teams with an alternative approach to managing feedback, evaluation and reward systems by allowing all the co-workers involved to decide who will be rewarded as well as what they will be rewarded for.

The system is administered via a responsive web service and enables its users to give and receive kudos and explanatory comments. All the co-workers can see the top three collectors – the colleagues who received the biggest number of kudos – during the previous week, as well as the three so-called “hamsters” – those who were particularly reluctant to share their kudos with others. Besides, everyone can also see the kudos they have received along with the comments attached to them. The application itself has been built and modified in response to the feedback provided by the system users.

The back-end of the Merit Money System  was developed in Ruby on Rails. We used Ember.js, Twitter Bootstrap, Coffee Script and Sass for the front-end.