booking management


for parents
and child care centres


Australia’s online child care resource

Swapple.Me is a multi-sided Ruby on Rails platform which allows parents to find and benefit from vacant childcare places as well as enables child care centres to inform parents about their vacancies available. The solution is meant to provide  the easiest and most rewarding way to identify and swap a childcare place in Australia.

With a set of functionalities for both sides of the childcare process, the platform facilitates childe care centres in their vacancies management and enables parents to take advantage of the child care options currently available in a given area.

The user can create their children’s profiles and search through a database of child care centres by postcode region or state in Australia. With a calendar feature they can specify the days of attendance and find a vacancy in a preferred childcare centre location. The swap functionality enables users to exchange their care center places in case of their child’s absence.

On the other hand, child care centres can better manage their centre capacity and inform parents about the vacancies available via an alerts e-mail system.  All the data gathered can be easily exported to a spreadsheet software. Besidesl each centre can also create its own landing site with all the information needed for registration and promotion.

Swapple.me is a Rails 4.1.4 / Ruby 2.1.3 / PostgreSQL 9.4 and HTML5 / CSS3 based application that uses a number of brand-new gems and external libraries. The front-edn part was developed by our Ember developers.