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PolyConf App





Conference management app

for Android, iOS and Windows Phone


The solution is aimed to foster the sharing of up-to-date content, ensure eco-friendliness, engage participants, enable appropriate sponsor visibility and – generally – enrich the overall conference experience for all the stakeholders involved.



The mobile apps allow their users to find information about the event, provide feedback, share information with their friends and organize their personal agendas, which is a very convenient feature for multi-track events. On the other hand, the organizers can use a web based CMS to publish event-related information with ease as well as to track participant feedback and get a deeper understanding of user behaviour and preferences.

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The Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile apps were developed with the Xamarin technology. We used Ruby on Rails to build the back-end of the apps. Xamarin was a factor behind fast and cost effective development and deployment of the mobile apps; thanks to the technology used, the solution is also open to an easy addition of SmartTV and FireFox OS app versions in the future.