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Mobile Data Collection & Management for NGOs


ViewWorld is a data collection and management web and mobile platform. The solution fosters timely, effective and reliable transfer of information from the field to the decision-makers in the organisations.



The platform is meant for NGOs and businesses which are involved in data collection and management. It helps organizations to document and publish the results of projects that are based on real world data collection. The field officers – equipped with mobile devices – can fill in the forms and create reports. The data is displayed on the web platform in real time and is instantaneously available for further modelling via desktop software.




Ditte Dahl Lisbjerg
Programme Manager at Citizen Engagement and Science, ViewWorld Cph

“In our work with Selleo, we have experienced a most qualified and professional development team. Communication and understanding of our needs and processes is simply top notch.”


ViewWorld is a mobile data collection SaaS platform consisting of a web application combined with native Android and iOS mobile apps. The back-end of the application was developed in Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL and we used Backbone.js and jQuery for the front-end.