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Credit Card Online Comparison Platform


Credit Card Selectors is a free, independent online comparison service developed to enable customers to compare credit cards available in Australia. The application is meant to help the consumer identify the card that suits their specific needs.



The online comparison application is meant for consumers who can easily select a card from hundreds of cards grouped into several card types (e.g. Balance Transfer Cards, Low Rate Cards, No Fee Cards, Debit Cards or Business Cards). With a user-friendly interface at hand consumers can see how the card chosen compares against other options available as well as single out the card that suits them best.



David G Bradbury
Founder at Selector Asia

“Selleo are well versed in de risking the off shore development route through focussed planning, a well selected stack of tools and highly competent, multi lingual employees. They delivered on time, on budget and continue to exceed my expectations.”


The back-end of the application was developed in Ruby 2.0 and Ruby on Rails 3.2.13, PostgreSQL, Active Admin, Devise, Rabl with Oj, Carrierwave and integrated with Google Analitics, AWS S3, AWS Route 53 and Heroku. We used jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 beta, Ember.js 1.0 RC to implement the front-end of this credit card selection platform.