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ACAPS is an independent information provider, free from the bias or vested interests of a specific enterprise, sector, or region.
Louise Engelsen
Selleo has proved to be a professional and competent software development team, they were apt at understanding our wishes and extremely service minded. I give Selleo our highest recommendations.
Louise Engelsen
Communication and Administration Office ACAPS
Global Emergency Overview
The solution is a SaaS system with native Android and iOS apps that enables NGOs to share up-to-date content generated in the Global Overview, country analysis and the Disaster Needs Analysis documents. The system supports humanitarian aid operations and addresses the needs of disaster-affected people and institutions. It generates and publishes documents with information about disaster-stricken areas.

Selleo, as an Android and iOS developers, supports entrepreneurs, enterprise clients, agencies, IT / business consultancies and NGOs in their efforts to develop software infrastructure for web and mobile enabled processes and ventures. Mobile apps become the most used technological tools in companies around the globe. Mobile applications can be employed for various purposes such as gaming, multimedia, travel, productivity, weather, utilities, etc. Through the years we have developed and honed mobile development skills working on both native and cross-platform android ios apps. Our mobile web applications can run in the cloud and be deployed to touch devices such as smartphones and tablets. Selleo’s native programming competences cover iOS and Android development. We value quality assurance and use JUnit in Android apps / OCUnit in iOS apps for automated unit tests and Calabash testing framework for both Android and iOS automated functional tests. We also use tools for generating documentation from code: Javadoc on Android and Appledoc on iOS. With cross platform Xamarin technologies our devices stack is extended to SailFish OS, FireFox OS and Windows Phone. With our focus on services industries we can go beyond technology and provide valuable product and business insights to proactively co-create various application types with our clients. Together we can design and develop android ios apps: productivity apps / utilities apps / entertainment apps / news apps / search tool apps / social networking apps / travel apps / sports apps.

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