Agile Munich 2019 Agenda

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Agile Munich 2019 Agenda

As I mentioned in last week’s article we are going to Agile Munich 2019 and are very excited to participate in workshops and hear all the presentations and key notes.

Those are the performances we are the most excited about:

On the first day of the conference, Eelco Rustenburg - an Agile management consultant, writer and visionar will take the stage to tackle the main topic of the Agile Munich 2019. His keynote will focus on the challenges that the supporting functions like project management / planning organization, HR and finance are facing.

Niels Pflaeging - the author of the Open Space Beta technique is going to take the stage next. His talk will explore the assumptions on leadership, high performance and self-organization. Niels will also share some insights about Very Fast Organizational Transformation and explain the new open source approaches like his own OpenSpace Beta used in scaling Agility.

Wednesday will end with drinks and networking opportunities.

The second day of the conference is divided into a morning and an afternoon program. In the morning Jutta Eckstein is going to present her key note on the BOSSA nova approach to enable Company-wide Agility. During the talk, Jutta will show the relationship between strategy, structure, and process. She will also explain what BOSSA nova is while delivering examples of perspective probing using organigrams.

Patricia Kong will share with us a brand new framework called Evidence-Based Management. It is meant to help organizations measure, manage, and increase the value delivered. We will try to find some answers on such questions as: how do we measure value in an Agile environment or what are valuable contributions to a team.

I will share Selleo experiences in building and scaling high-performing software development teams and show how we use the Management 3.0 approach to address motivation and engagement.

Next, Natalija Hellesø will focus the attention on Agile in HR. She will explore the Agile principles that can be used in the HR environment. Questions like how do HR teams make a start, how HR can become more flexible or how to apply Agile to HR will be raised. This interactive presentation will include examples and the speaker’s experiences with Agile concepts in the HR world.

The last talk will be given by Leonoor Koomen - an ING Lead Agile Enterprise Coach. Leonoor will share her experiences with agile transformations performed on a larger scale. She will answer the questions of what do large scale transformations have in common, the role of culture, dealing with dependencies, as well as what kind of leadership and behaviour do we strive for.

The very last day of the conference - Friday - is dedicated to the master classes and networking. Then all of the participants will go back to their companies, ready to take on new challenges and implement the fresh conference knowledge.

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