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Why frontend frameworks?

  • with better smartphones & browsers the limiting factor shifts from technology to design

  • BE & FE project separation – faster workflow

  • FE team / codebase can be used to build web & native mobile apps (React, Angular2)

Why Angular2?

  • componentization

  • modern web workflow with node / npm / Webpack

  • ES6/TypeScript (Microsoft)

  • RxJS Observables (Microsoft)

  • Angular Material (Google)

  • web & NativeScript (Telerik)


Angular 2 Workshops – 23.04 (Sat) @ Selleo Office

  • Getting started with Angular 2

    • project structure, Webpack, TypeScript

    • installing common packages (bootstrap-sass, ng2-bootstrap, lodash etc.)

  • Components, router, forms

    • CRUD without API

  • Working with API

    • API wrapper, Login/Logout


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Tomasz Bąk

Tomasz is a Tech Expert with an enormous experience in both back-end and front-end solutions. He ensures that quality processes and automations are carried out through the whole software development cycle.