Conferences And Meetups

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Conferences And Meetups

At Selleo, we appreciate a good conference or meetup. We are aware that they are perfect opportunities not only for learning but also for meeting new people and connecting with potential clients.


Every year, our expert teams attend the most well-known conferences in Europe. You could find us at: Munich, React Day Berlin, EmberFest or React Native EU just to name a few.

Often, we are not only attendees of conferences, but also speakers. After conferences, we make sure to write articles sharing our highlights and takeaways.


Apart from going to conferences, we host our own meetups. We had the pleasure to organize both Ember.js BB and MeetJS Bielsko-Biała and this year we play a big part in BB Days 4IT.

Our meetups are attended by people not only from Bielsko, but also nearby cities. We make sure there is plenty of interesting topics to discuss as well as food and drinks for everybody to enjoy.

Presentations from the meetups are always recorded and uploaded to a [YouTube channel]( for others to enjoy.

This year, we are going to HashiConf, EmberFest, React Native EU and the list is constantly growing! See you there!

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