HashiConf EU 2019 Highlights

HashiConf EU 2019 Highlights

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HashiConf EU 2019 Highlights

This year, we had the pleasure to attend HashiConf Eu 2019, which was held from the 8th to the 10th of July in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

HashiConf EU is a conference for developers full of product training, talks, keynotes and personal time with HashiCorp developers directed towards European programmers.

The company behind it all - HashiCorp - is a San Francisco-based development company founded in 2012. Their goal is to solve development, operations and security challenges while revolutionizing datacentre management. HashiCorp tools manage physical and virtual machines, having also in mind technologies of tomorrow.

HashiCorp are the people standing behind solutions like Terraform, Vault or Nomad.

Here are the top 3 presentations from this year’s HashiConf.

A (2nd) Tour of Terraform 0.12

Terraform is an open-source server provisioning tool created by HashiCorp (you can read more about it in our article here). The release of Terraform 0.12 was a milestone. This version introduced many features everybody has been waiting for like machine-readable output.

The presentation was prepared by Kristin Laemmert - Terraform core developer at HashiCorp. She revisited the presentation from HashiConf 2018 where Terraform 0.12 was first introduced. Kristin managed to cover the latest updates of the tool like improved error messages, rich value types and conditional expression improvements and explained why the release was delayed by more than 6 months.

You can watch (or read) the presentation here:

A Keyboard Wall That Showcases Immutable Infrastructure as Code With Nomad

A representation of how a hobby project can be turned into valuable modern infrastructure practices by deploying a Raspberry Pi RGB-animated keyboard wall with Nomad, Packer, and Consul.

This was a talk by Johan Siebens - release engineer. The project was a technology experiment resulting in the creation of a giant wall of RHB-keyboards that is able to run various animations.

The presentation showcased how infrastructure as a code and immutable infrastructure can be tangible with tools Like Packer, Nomad, Consul.

GDPR Compliant Event Sourcing With Hashicorp's Vault

This presentation was focused on GDPR - the hot topic of 2018. The main question asked was how to comply with GDPR regulations using event stores with immutable and undeletable data.

The talk was given by Bjørn Lilleeng - a security architect in Capgemini and Johan Sydseter - a security consultant.

Processing data within a microservice architecture when deleting data is mandatory but unachievable can be tricky. Many options for storing events do not have proper answers to this challenge. Capgemini is using HashiCorp’s Vault for encryption and storing sensitive information. The presenters showed how to properly secure such data using Vault and shared their experiences with meeting GDPR requirements.

Overall, the conference was one of the best-organized conferences we had a pleasure to attend. We were truly amazed by the thought and work that went into it and are excited to see what the organizers have in stock for us for the next year.

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