Haxorz Unconfernece

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Haxorz Unconfernece

Once a month, the Selleo community gathers together to take part in an internal day, which we call Haxorz. Haxorz main purpose is to spread knowledge through workshops and presentations delivered straight from our developers, practising presentation skills while having a bit of a break from coding and spending time with colleagues.

The internal day usually starts with morning workshops. In September, they were dedicated to endless scroller browser games. Around 12pm there is a lunch break. The entire office hangs out in the kitchen, talking and letting some steam off. Quite often it means ‘pizza day’, but we also make room for healthier snacks like granola with yoghurt.

Then, the Selleo team gathers in the open space to watch presentations. Those include short lightning talks as well as the company’s financial update, future plans, investments, business development opportunities, etc.

Most of the presentations are recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel to spread the knowledge outside the office walls. Check out this one on Solid for dynamic languages by our tech expert Błażej Kosmowski.

What is great about Haxorz is the fact that anyone can share their insights, helpful tips, interesting solutions from projects or thoughts on upcoming new releases. The conference encourages the community-based approach Selleo is proud to have. It focuses on agile practices, software craftsmanship and innovative management.

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