Mikstura It Number Two The Unique Mixture Of Knowledge Building And Fun

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Mikstura It Number Two The Unique Mixture Of Knowledge Building And Fun

The amazing seven or so hours of Mikstura.IT are just behind us. Two workshops, great lightning talks and socializing in the heart of Rybnik allowed the participants to take part in the unique mixture of knowledge building and fun. This is just a brief summary of what happened. Encouraged by Jan Psota and his talk on really fast file opening, we decided to provide you with a video summary of our event as soon as possible.

Lateral thinking – the main topic of the event was explored in workshops. Three teams were competing for fame and fortune (as well as additional free drinks) in order to master a systematic method of thinking, jointly develop a shared vision of software-related problems and quickly arrive at constructive solutions to the challenges faced. They applied creative thinking as their main sword and turning problems into opportunities was yet again not as easy as one might expect.

After pizza and drinks we directed our attention towards the food for thought with five insightful lightning talks.
At first, Dariusz Wylon described his version of the fishbone diagram forsoftware development problem resolution. Setting aside the traditional approach focused on cause and effect analysis for production issues Darek proposed an “ATTEMPT”  model adjusted for software development. It allows development teams to find the cause(s) of a problem somewhere across the 7 dimensions of the development project (application, team, technology, equipment or environment, methodology, process and testing).

Next Jan Psota presented a brand new way of faster file opening. He showed as a working version of his program which enables matching files to appropriate programs based on their extensions.

Michał Czyż, on the other hand, presented his personalised toolkit for Getting Things Done and shared his own experience of managing the constant flow of tasks and information he is confronted with on a daily basis (except for Sunday). He explained how to combine Gmail, Google Calendar and Firefox add-ons, such as Todoist and Gmelius into a powerful set of tools.

Adam Przybyła talked about Test Driven Development and presented an insightful point of view on parallels between programming and reality. He described different aspects of the TDD usage.

The last talk was delivered by Przemysław Szymik who talked aboutGoogle Maps Editor and the ways one can customize maps with Google Map Maker.

The LightningTalks Session was the last official part of the event. What followed was the time for networking and having fun. We hope that all the participants managed to find something enjoyable for themselves during the second Mikstura.IT event and will be able to do so in the future. If you want to join the web and mobile community, just visit the Mikstura.IT web page for more deatils on future events and join in next time.

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