Outsourcing Frontend Development To Poland

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Outsourcing Frontend Development To Poland

There are many possible locations to outsource to. Poland however, seems to be one of the most frequently mentioned software development places that are worth considering. What are the special qualities of Poland? Why should you choose Poland as your next outsourcing destination? I’m just about to tell you.

Outsourcing IT to Poland benefits

There are plenty of benefits for outsourcing IT to Poland. Many global companies have experienced them. Here are a few key points on why outsourcing to Poland is a good idea.

1. International law regulations

Being a part of the European Union means complying to their regulations, including IT security. With GDPR in force, the safety of personal data is very important. Polish software houses stay up-to-date with strict law requirements. They’re compliant with the USA’s standards in data security and IP protection. Poland also belongs to OECD, WTO, NATO and European Space Agency, which means fewer risks involved.

2. Location

Poland is located near most of the big European countries like Germany, France or the UK. What is more, the time difference between the US is no more than 9 hours, contrary to India. This makes scheduling a meeting more manageable while giving you the opportunity to continue the development almost 24/7.

3. No cultural gap

As a part of the European culture, Polish developers get along with Western nationalities. We share the same values and most of the cultural references. This has a positive impact on the relationship and results in long-lasting cooperation. The high command of English also makes cooperation easy and stress-free.

4. Stable economy

The Polish economy is not affected by international crises. It’s constantly growing while remaining stable. According to surveys 91% of Polish companies provided services to other European countries and 58% of them worked for the USA.

5. Dynamically growing IT market

Polish IT market grows every 5-10% per year with a net worth close to $10 billion. More and more Poland-made products become popular around the world, eg. The Witcher game series. Over 40% of Poland’s clients in 2019 came from the Information Technology sector.

6. Broad pool of talents

IT engineering is one of the most popular majors in Poland. Yearly nearly 80 000 students decide to take on the path of software development or other IT-related fields.

Working with a Polish Team

Like every nationality, Poles have their own special qualities that make them amazing partners and employees.

1. Feedback

Polish developers pride themselves in a more responsive feedback loop. They are known for taking ownership of errors and mistakes. This means problem recognition is present at the very early stages.

2. Top-performing

According to the recent HackerRank survey, developers in Poland rank as 3rd best programmers in terms of success at programming contests. Combined with the low hourly rates it gives you the best value for the money.

3. Low costs

Poland has relatively low rates for software development, in comparison to the USA and Western Europe. Choosing them as a partner brings significant budget savings. Although they cannot be compared to the wages in India or Ukraine, but taking into consideration the quality it’s still relatively low.

4. High quality

Thanks to the mistake ownership and educated engineers, the code quality of Polish developers is at a very high level. They are among the most experienced developers in the world.

5. Agile approach

Polish teams are familiar with Agile methodologies of software development. The country is home to some of the most important Agile events. The Agile approach means the development will be well-organized with frequent status updates.

6. Effective work

The Agile approach gives teams the best productivity during the development process. Thanks to the experience on various projects teams have great development practices. Polish multi-disciplinary teams deal with quality, design and user experience.

Polish Developers

So why are Polish developers so awesome to work with?

1. High level of English

Poland is known for its high level of English. The country ranks 11th out of 80 countries in the English Proficiency Index. Apart from English, graduates often speak languages like German, Spanish or French. Thanks to that there are no communication barriers.

2. Strong work ethics

Poles are hardworking and extremely committed to work. They are thought to have an entrepreneurial spirit. A sense of ownership makes them deliver top quality services that most often exceed expectations. What is more, Poles have a strong image of being intelligent and clever.

3. High level of education

Education in Poland is widely believed to be at a high level. A vast majority of software developers have higher education and an IT diploma. Even the self-taught specialists finish courses and strive for new certifications. Nearly 80% of polish programmers graduated from a university.

4. Innovative

Poland is the home country for many innovative tech startups. Some of the smartest solutions were invented there.

5. Experienced

Polish developers are among the most experienced programmers in the world. Before they get their first professional job, most of them have a good few hours of coding behind them. This plus their educational background equals skillful engineers.

6. Using cutting edge technologies

Although the history of software development is rather new in Poland the SDHs use the latest tools and technologies. Their practices are modern and relevant. Polish developers care about code quality and constantly improve their skills.


Poland is often called a software house of Europe. Thanks to its great localization, competitive prices and amazingly skilled engineers companies from all over the world decide to choose Poland as an outsourcing partner.

Apart from excellent communication skills and innovative solutions, Polish developers will surprise you with their strong work ethics and high-quality code.

Selleo’s software development teams would love to be your outsourcing partner. Feel free to get to know them better here.

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