Programmers Day 2013 Writing Clean Code Is What You Must Do

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Programmers Day 2013 Writing Clean Code Is What You Must Do

Writing clean code is what you must do in order to call yourself a professional. There is no reasonable excuse for doing anything less than your best.” Robert C. Martin

On the 13th of  September, our local web and mobile community gathered at Oscar Wilde Pub to celebrate the Programmers Day. With more than 60 participants and some newbies on board,  the Mikstura.IT meeting was full of gifts, chats and fun.  Early birds (about 30 people) got free t-shirts and everyone could take some Ruby On Rails stickers. Moreover, those who participated in the workshop had a chance to win such amazing books as The Agile Samurai: How Agile Masters Deliver Great Software and  Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship (sponsored by Helion) and lightening talk speakers could win a gift card with access to some Clean Coders training videos (sponsored by Rekord SI).


As usual there was an opportunity  to socialize, listen to interesting lightning talks and take part in a workshop.

At 6 p.m. we started the event with a workshop conducted by Dariusz Wylon who helped the participants hone their negotiation skills.

The participants were divided into groups and took part in a role-play simulation game based on the Harvard Law School Curriculum.

Confronted with tough decisions and immersed in brilliant discussions, the teams were competing to negotiate the best financial terms of a contract.

In the end, 4 people won books delivered by Helion and everyone deserved to eat some pizza.

After a short break we moved on to some more technical problems presented during the lightning talk session.

At first Tomasz Bąk presented a very informative talk about JQuery Carousel.

Later, Kamil Gałuszka presented a speech on porting Django Apps to Python3.  Finally,Arkadiusz Kwaśny talked about his experience with Unity 3D, and showed us some basic features of the framework during a live coding session. He shared some practical tips on how to create games and have fun while doing so.

After the sessions, the listeners voted for the best talk and a winner got the prize sponsored by Rekord SI.

Taking the opportunity, we would like to express our gratitude to all programmers for the positive changes that they make in our everyday lives.

A programmer who writes clean code is an artist who can take a blank screen through a series of transformations until it is an elegantly coded system” from 'Clean Code'

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