Responding To Change - The Change Management 3.0 Process

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Responding To Change - The Change Management 3.0 Process

In the dynamic business environment companies are adjusting their management model or business processes to gain competitive advantage, suite best their clients, reach company’s goals or just adapt working environment to the employees needs. And all these reasons are about introducing, adopting and sustaining some kind of change. So there’s no secret that also agile organizations are in the need of change.

A change can be challenging, sudden, painful or it can be welcomed and planned. We want to be more agile or maybe some of us realized that apart from our wishful thinking that we are the followers of Agile Manifesto we’ve honestly used it just to software development but not to the entire process of running a company. As we’ve implemented agile techniques to speed up development time and reduce risks involved while on the other hand became more responsive to customers needs we have to stop for a while and answer one simple question.

Are we able to apply agility to the change management process?

If you are looking for some tips how to spark a change that engages people hearts as well as minds I would highly recommend you an amazing book by Jurgen AppeloHow to change the world. On the 60 pages you will find a kind of framework to implement an organizational change in a way that everyone’s talents and creativity can be sparkled.

Jurgen’s Change Management 3.0 process is a mixture of well-known tools (he calls it the Mojito Method) which he combines with the four aspects of change management. With his guide you are not alone and if you just know your goal, team and organization you can get through the step by step process and make people more agile, better educated, more cooperative and more willing to adopt the change.