Programmers Day 2012 The Very Special Day On Which To Celebrate All The Programmers

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Programmers Day 2012 The Very Special Day On Which To Celebrate All The Programmers

The 256th day of the year is the Programmer Day – the very special day on which to celebrate all the programmers and thank them for all they do in their work. The holiday is officially recognized in Russia.**

As last year, on the 12th September, Selleo hosted an event to provide the local IT community with an opportunity to re-unite and celebrate the occasion. We decided to change the venue and move to the Oscar Wilde Pub – an elegant place in Bielsko-Biała old town. We gathered to share thoughts, have fun, network with friends and participate in amazing lightning talks. The idea behind the event was quite simple – let local IT people get to know each other and/or get back in touch with each other.

To show the appreciation for programmers’ work, participants were encouraged to present themselves, their ideas, contributions or projects during short 5-minute lightning talks. Some chose to share their knowledge and insights. In fact, all the presentations turned out to be a little longer than planned. The topics discussed covered such issues as: successful mobile apps, CSS, SELinux, Android Game Engine, jQuery Mobile and even Neurolinguistic Programming.


The first talk was delivered by Arek Kwaśny. With the presentation “A formula for success on App Store – a story of Jeremy Olson’s Grades app,” Arek shared some practical tips on how to create great mobile apps and ensure people would love to use them. In the second talk – “The client & women communication theory” – Darek Wylon attempted to discuss the way in which the human brain processes words and offered insights on how to use this knowledge in interpersonal relations.


After a short break we moved on to more technical problems. Rafał Bromirski presented his own solution – a collection of useful media queries mixins for Sass 3.2.0+\



Bartek Wójtowicz in turn gave a very short introduction to the Android 2D OpenGL Game Engine combined with a presentation of how it works in an early beta version of an Android game. Find out more about the engine on the following page:

Later we explored some security issues; Adam Przybyła described the SELinux, a set of kernel modifications and user-space tools that can be added to various Linux distributions.\ In the last presentation, Tomek Borowski talked about the possibility of developing single page apps with Ember.js and jQuery Mobile; he examplified the solutions with If you are interested in this project, find out more about it at:![](

We hope the people present had great fun that evening, sharing ideas, chatting, drinking beer and eating pizza, which, unfortunately, arrived later than we planned for. We’ll fix it next time.

Great thanks to all the participants, including both freelancers and the guys from such companies as:

If we skipped any companies, let us know and we will add them to the list above. We hope to see you next year again, guys!

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