We've Just Started A New Season

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We've Just Started A New Season

Since 2010 we have been gathering Selleo and freelance developers for regular futsal  training. So far we’ve played two successful seasons, now it is time for us to score some more fantastic goals in the next 2012 / 2013 season! What is our target? Staying in shape, having a lot of fun and honing our teamwork skills… but in a different way to how we do it in our everyday work 


We usually play 4-a-side, 50-minutes long matches. During the 2011 / 2012 season our players scored 909 goals in 29 matches, which gives an average of 31 goals per match! Fortunately, nobody has been seriously injured, just a few scratches and bruises have occurred:) Now we are all at full strength we are looking forward to the next 24 matches.

You can see our developers in action in the following highlights from recent games . Good luck to Boro,Beu, Bartek Danek, Bartek Wójtowicz, Rafał, Tomek Czana, Szymon and the others who will join them in the new season!

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