Why Use Shopify For Your eCommerce Business?

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Why Use Shopify For Your eCommerce Business?

A decade ago, creating the best eCommerce website was quite tricky, as there was no leader. Then an intuitive software - Shopify, came with an abundance of innovative yet convenient features. If we look back, like ten years, there was no proficient leader in the website solutions, specifically in the domain of eCommerce. Then, in 2007, an online store named Shopify launched a shopping cart system and revamped the eCom industry. Shopify simplified the process of building an e-store with its innovative and convenient ideas.

The purpose of mentioning Shopify directly is not under-valuing other known eCommerce solutions such as BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Volusion. But yes, when you ask for the convenient, pocket-friendliest, and yes, the most user-friendly one, then the answer would be Shopify.

It means if you are non-techie and want to own your online store, then the best go-to-platform is Shopify; your consumers will love the simplicity and clarity of your website.

Shopify in numbers

Before supporting our stance with logical reasoning, let us share with you some amazing insights about Shopify; you will be thrilled to know these real numbers.


  • Around 820, 000 merchants are using Shopify for their stores; active ones are more than 500,000.
  • Last year, Shopify made $1.5 billion in sales during Black Friday - 10,978 orders/minute.
  • Shopify served more than 1,000,000 businesses in 175 countries.
  • Significant brands like Pepsi, Nestle, Unilever, The Economist, WaterAid, Tesla Motors, Penguin Books, Rebecca Minkoff, Red Bull, Gymshark, and Budweiser are Shopify customers.
  • Shopify is the most popular eCommerce platform, serving almost 20% of the market share, and it's the third-largest US online retailer after Amazon and eBay.
  • So far, over 1 billion orders have been processed on Shopify, with total sales of more than $55 billion.
  • Shopify has paid more than $850,000 to 300 ethical hackers for securing its $55 billion-plus customer transactions and their data.

Why is Shopify the BEST eCommerce Solution?

Here are six reasons why every soon-to-be merchant and existing e-store owners should invest in Shopify.

1. Shopify is Affordable

With Shopify, you don't need to worry about expensive up-front development costs, servers, and hosting - no more coding and filing. This website-builder is easy-to-use, especially if you have less time and limited resources to start your online presence.

For your convenience, Shopify offers three pricing plans:

  • Shopify Basic - This will cost you $29/month, with 2.9% + 30¢/transaction.
  • Shopify - This will cost you $79/month, with 2.6% + 30¢/transaction.
  • Advanced Shopify - This will cost you $299/month, with 2.4% + 30¢/transaction.

If you want a fully hosted Shopify Plus platform, then the initial costs would be $2,000/month, opt for their plan for two years and enjoy maximum discounts.

Luckily, with Shopify, there are no server costs, and all of their servers are maintained by them.

If you are still not sure whether to go for Shopify or not, try their 14-day free trial and set up your online store once you start liking the platform, then choose a suitable plan.

2. Shopify offers unlimited Design Possibilities.

Your first impression, on your consumers, counts! Shopify knows how to impress your e-visitors with a seamless experience. The Shopify Theme Store has hundreds of free and paid professionally-designed themes; don't worry; all are under $180.


Don't like any of the standard ones? Worry not, Shopify allows you to customize your e-store as per your preference, for that you still have a list of options!

Don't know how to customize a website? Let Shopify designers and developers do it for you - be it setting up a store, needing small changes or even want to create an out-of-box e-store, you can talk to one of Shopify experts.

Shopify also lets you buy themes from 3rd party theme providers - the providers can be official or unofficial.

3. Shopify Makes Marketing & Administration Easier

If an online marketer within you is worrying about how marketing-friendly Shopify is, then let us assure you that Shopify is way easier than one can think of; you can easily edit the content of your e-store and optimize it according to SEO perspective. It means everything is in your control!

Therefore, to manage the entire on-site SEO of your online store, you can play with meta titles, meta descriptions, page titles, URLs, pages visibilities, and even pages redirections by yourself whenever necessary. Is there any other platform that gives such flexibility?

To all the technical savvies out there, you don't have to generate a sitemap.xml and robots.txt file, as they are automatically generated.

As a store owner, you must be more concerned about administrative chores than any other thing, as most of your time will be spent in the backend of your website – adding products, pasting-in Analytics fields, setting drop-down features, setting up checklists, serving customers, etc.

So, rest assured with the fact that Shopify has an amazingly simple backend system; you won't find your daily administrative chores tedious or difficult.

4. Shopify offers the highest security possible.

Being a global hosted service, Shopify has many people monitoring their network 24/7 for any data hack or any other attacks, all the add-ons that the platform provider boasts have a certain standard that cannot let anyone pose trojans or viruses at your online store.


To further secure your online store, you can opt for SSL (without having to pay for it), or you can also adhere to PCI compliance to accept and store credit cards and its sensitive information without dealing with respective technicalities.

Other sources do offer this as well, but they will charge you extra bucks.

Shopify invests millions of pounds in ensuring its platform is secure and adheres to PCI regulations. Security is a must for advancing customer trust; that's why Shopify offers PCI compliance and builds "HTTPS" websites only.

5. Shopify Developers and App Integrations

We usually tell people to add more channels to their eCommerce websites, so that they can maximize their consumer base; interestingly, Shopify lets you easily integrate and manage any free and/or paid platform to your store. With Shopify, you will find new possibilities, too, that can be integrated into your online store.

Shopify is also popular with SaaS service companies; it means you'll probably find whatever innovative new service you need on Shopify before anywhere else, and some of them are offering free plans too. Conversely.

6. Shopify's Support is Matchless

Opposite to what open-source shopping carts (like WordPress) that rely on community support – Shopify has a passionate support team that works 24/7 across multiple fronts; you can reach Shopify in a number of ways, including:

  • live chat
  • phone call – 2 minutes
  • Twitter – 7 minutes
  • email – 10 hours


You might enjoy a different response time on different platforms; the fastest one is the live chat (30 secs), then the phone call (2 mins), later their Twitter account (7 mins), and if you email them a query, they will respond in 10 hours.

Shopify has achieved a 90% satisfaction among its customers.

Wrapping up

Shopify is an affordable platform that encourages its community of developers, designers, and consultants that ethos, by supplying affordable services and products. Shopify has a number of affordable plans to build a fully-equipped store with no extra costs; even there's a free trial, too, to give Shopify a risk-free try.

If you find problems in setting up your website, there's a 24/7 support network, too, for assistance. Shopify also offers an impressive list of useful features and add-ons, and you don't have to worry about hosting and data protection as well, as there is a Shopify team to deal with that.

And if you are looking to outsource your Shopify development, check out our experienced team of specialists