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Without process management, it is difficult to implement advanced IT systems. A well-designed process map is a great training material for new employees or for those who substitute absent workers. Big companies spend enormous resources to implement new management methods and complex IT systems, but are not able to achieve natural flexibility typical of small family businesses. It might be because on higher levels only the management’s knowledge and conceptions are used, without realizing that this is not enough in the era of the knowledge economy. Ruby on Rails Developers from Selleo has completed a number of projects that involved designing business process management software. One of them is Grant Navigator – a platform that shows its users all the stages of grant life cycle. The application helps its users to follow closely every step, which guarantees that no requirement is omitted and reduces the risk of failure.

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surveys reveal the average score for product and service quality in the last two years have been 85% and 90.2% respectively. We keep working to go beyond that.

I look for 5 key things in a software development partner: great programmers, consistent quality, excellent value, a responsive management team, and a fun experience. Selleo is a solid 5 out of 5 by my standards.

Myron WeberMyron WeberCEO at Northwood Advisors

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