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ViewWorld is a SaaS platform consisting of a web application combined with native Android and iOS mobile apps.
Ditte Dahl Lisbjerg
In our work with Selleo, we have experienced a most qualified and professional development team. Communication and understanding of our needs and processes is simply top notch.
Ditte Dahl Lisbjerg
Programme Manager at Citizen Engagement and Science, ViewWorld
Create custom forms about services offered
Create custom forms about services offered
Functionally, the platform enables organisations/companies to create custom forms about places or things they want their officers to report on. The solution can be tailored to fit specific reporting formats; it is possible to build new forms and questionnaires depending on what is required by the client’s customers. You can choose to check this site to get a general overview of the system. The data / information is collected and reported by means of smartphones and managed in the web console.
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