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Distribution of mobile and online games

Solution Description

With more than 100 billion worldwide ad impressions per month and millions of game registrations, GameGenetics needed a solution which would allow their customers to track varied performance metrics for the campaigns run.

The platform provides an overview of advertising data and enables to track performance in real time on a single user friendly digital dashboard. The internal teams can easily gain access to the relevant metrics and effectively optimize the campaigns they run.

GameGenetics GmbH – founded in 2009 in Berlin – is a leading player in user acquisition for free mobile and online games. The company enable game developers to attract players and provide international publishers with access to a first-rate gaming portfolio. To reach out to relevant target groups, GameGenetics has built up an international distribution network comprised of more than 3,000 channel partners such as Dell, MSN and Lenovo, and hundreds of gaming websites and advertising networks such as Facebook, Yahoo! and Google.

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