The Effectiveness And The Productivity Of The Sourcing Processes


The effectiveness and the productivity of the sourcing processes

Looking to leverage the capabilities of global sourcing

Dragon Sourcing , founded in 2004, is a global procurement services provider with offices across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. The company offers an end-to-end sourcing service to companies looking to leverage the capabilities of global emerging and developed markets. Dragon Sourcing cover a full sourcing cycle, including market analysis, supplier qualification, supplier auditing, sample development, negotiation, selection and purchase order management (quality and logistics). Dragon Sourcing has extensive category expertise in diverse business domains such as: industrial goods and services, food and beverage, automotive and transportation, pharmaceutical, energy and chemicals, consumer goods, retail and hospitality, construction, finance, consulting and private equity

The GSP application is being developed to reduce the duration and cost of sourcing projects by standardising and automating the processes involved (e.g. supplier audits, procurement operations, quality control, logistics and supplier performance management), while at the same time increasing accountability and metrics-driven performance improvements. It is aimed to reduce the average duration of a supplier pre-qualification project by 25% and increase the number of suppliers identified by 50%, within the first year of use.

Value Delivered: increased efficiency of sourcing projects

The Global Sourcing Platform is an online business process management tool which provides the framework and tools to efficiently conduct global sourcing projects in emerging markets (Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe). The solution enables sourcing optimization through consolidation and automation of the sourcing processes involved and provides our client’s customers with visibility into the progress of their sourcing projects. With the use of this BPM solution, Dragon Sourcing can increase the efficiency of sourcing projects execution for several multinational companies, including such enterprises as, for example, ABB, Danone, Philips, British Sugar, Coors, H&M, Kesslers, Mothercare, BP, Rockwool and others.

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