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Alyne GmbH is a Munich-based venture-backed B2B RegTech company providing SaaS software products in the domains of cyber security, risk management and compliance.
Manuel Reil
We wanted to augment our team, speed up the development process, and transfer knowledge. Selleo worked diligently to provide a solution that runs effectively. They produced a result that followed the specifics of a complex project.
Manuel Reil
CTO, Alyne, Munich
Simplifying compliance and risk management
RegTech SaaS Platform
Simplifying compliance and risk management
This business-focused Software as a Service digitises risk management and compliance. It mitigates cyber risks, allows to define policies, performs risk assessments and helps make well informed decisions. The solution is trusted by such industry-leading companies as Barclays, Allianz, Deloitte and solarisBank.
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