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ACAPS is an independent information provider, free from the bias or vested interests of a specific enterprise, sector, or region.
Louise Engelsen

Selleo has proved to be a professional and competent software development team, they were apt at understanding our wishes and extremely service minded. I give Selleo our highest recommendations.

Louise Engelsen
Communication and Administration Office, ACAPS
Crises Information Sharing
The solution is a SaaS system with native Android and iOS apps that enables NGOs to share up-to-date content generated in the Global Overview, country analysis and the Disaster Needs Analysis documents. The system supports humanitarian aid operations and addresses the needs of disaster-affected people and institutions. It generates and publishes documents with information about disaster-stricken areas.

Client satisfaction

surveys reveal the average score for product and service quality in the last two years have been 90.2% and 91.4% respectively. We keep working to go beyond that.

I look for 5 key things in a software development partner: great programmers, consistent quality, excellent value, a responsive management team, and a fun experience. Selleo is a solid 5 out of 5 by my standards.

Myron Weber
Myron WeberCEO at Northwood Advisors

Selleo, together with NGOs and nonprofit organizations active throughout the world, try to shape a better future by creating meaningful web and mobile applications to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid and advance social development. We strive to leverage the use of web and mobile technologies to improve data collection and processing as well as project monitoring and evaluation. We create custom software solutions for NGOs providing graphic and user interface design, usability services and back-end development. We are Ruby on Rails, native Android and native iOS developers. Our portfolio contains both smartphone / tablet applications and complex cloud solutions which support mapping and data visualization, report generation and publication, data security, analysis and management. We share our experience and technology expertise with nonprofit organizations to help NGOs fulfill their missions with web and mobile apps.

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