Facilitating booking process with a simple one-stop tool

Our client – a Gold Mine Theme Park, which offers a wide selection of entertainment services both for an individual as well as institutional clients, needed a web solution which would facilitate their booking and invoicing processes.

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A booking management solution supporting an unusual client

We were approached by the historic Gold Mine organization with the task to create a web-based solution that would improve their existing paper-based booking system which did not scale well, taking into account increasing popularity of the facility.

Our client wanted to develop a solution which will support the management of a few event types (e.g. mine sightseeing, canoeing or extreme team building) with intervals of varied duration, varying opening hours and a substantial number of participants who require a lot of work in terms of managing and booking.

The users would gain access to booking information, enhanced by reports and validation functionalities. What is more, the program should be equipped with a system allowing online payments and calendar integration.

The product created should meet the demands of particular groups of people involving:

park managers by giving them a tool for easy access to park bookings with a friendly interface

tourists providing access to online calendar and secure payments

tour guides giving information on groups visiting the park

Service Process

We have first started with a careful analysis of the excel files prepared for us which described the process that was already in place. It did include a set of rules for where and when a booking could take place. The whole project started with client visiting our team and introducing us to the challenge we were to take. After a series of workshops, close collaboration with the client’s staff Selleo has developed modern designs and a flow that was to optimize the time required to make the bookings. An internal Proof of Concept Ruby on Rails application which was then deployed on the server located at the client premises.
We introduced an agile approach to this project, ensuring even work distribution and good development pace. User feedback was gathered through the series of iterations which helped us optimize the layouts as well as the naming of particular UI elements so that it was intuitive even for a person that did not use the system on a daily basis.
The system was implemented with a module for the report- and invoice-generation and management, a client data-storage feature and an online booking facility for potential visitors.
client value & trust

They started their work with us delivering business and technology consulting and then moved on to develop the services. They have been focused on both the programming of a fully-customized system but also on fresh and professional design.

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Reporting functionalities and booking validations

In the end, we have delivered a software that integrated well with the client process requirements. It did have an intuitive booking interface and validation options while ensuring maximum security and flexibility. As a result, human mistakes were eliminated such as double booking the same hour. Automated segmentation also enabled more tight bookings to take place together with additional requests handling by calculating the timings of particular attractions for a given group based on their start time as well as the group type and size.

  • park managers helping them manage events planned, reservations etc
  • tourists providing online bookings and payments
  • tour guides while **organizing group sightseeings

The solution provides a shared database of booking information and is fitted up with basic reporting functionality and bookings validation. The easy-to-use interface allows both sightseers and park managers to have control over the park availability and booking process.

Main product features include:

  • booking calendar
  • online bookings
  • fully customizable interface
  • user management
  • online payments
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