Training Management

The Comprehensive Leader Dashboard is a native Android and iOS mobile learning application designed to facilitate the delivery of training courses. It was developed for 4 Results – a Polish consulting company – who use the app to support their employees in service delivery.

Comprehensive Leader - screen
Business Value

Train new leaders

The app enables trainers and coaches to monitor their communications and adjust their conversation style to fit a specific situation. Used during training courses or workshops the app helps to keep track of the length of each presentation delivery mode.

With a real-time conversation counter, the speaker can select one or two delivery modes, which are determined by specific training goals. When the presentation is finished the trainer/coach can check the percentage rate for each delivery mode used.

The main goal of the Comprehensive Leader Dashboard is to improve training delivery and establish more effective communications with course/workshop participants.

Technology stack

Course delivery support mobile tool

Comprehensive Leader Dashboard is a Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL platform.