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The Humanitarian Congress Berlin is an international platform for exchanging information, experiences and ideas for humanitarian aid organizations. As the event reached around 700 participants and speakers from around the world, the organizers decided to meet the needs of a growing number of participants and “mobilize” the event to enhance an overall experience for the stakeholders involved.

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Enhance the event experience and engage your audience

The Humanitarian Congress Berlin every year gathers experts from fields like media, medicine, politics, humanitarian and international organizations. As the event reached more and more participants and speakers from around the world, the organizers decided to meet the needs of the growing number of participants and “mobilize” the event to enhance an overall experience for the stakeholders involved.

Selleo was commissioned by the organizers to design and develop a mobile app and a web CMS system, which would allow them to go green and shift all the contents (agenda, speakers and sponsors content) from print to digital as well as gather real-time feedback and event metrics.The conference management mobile application was meant to digitally connect:

  • participants
  • organizers
  • sponsors

before they actually gather during the event.

The application would be developed to augment the event experience and engage the audience by means of mobile devices. As many participants use their Android, iOS and Windows Phone based smartphones their expectations were to be met with the cross-system app.

Service Process

We started the collaboration with the Humanitarian Congress Berlin Committee by delivering technology consulting services on the tech stack and the architecture to be applied to develop a suite of mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices and a web content management system.
Selleo suggested to use this cross-platform solution to speed-up the development process and provide mobile experiences for all the targeted platforms. Using an agile / iterative approach, Selleo took about a week to create the Android, iOS and Windows Phone app versions of the solution.

The features of the web and mobile conference management platform can be grouped into those meant for specific stakeholders, e.g. participants and organizers. The participants equipped with mobile Android, iOS or Windows Phone 8 devices can:

  • access various event information and share the latter via social media
  • post comments on specific presentations
  • use geotargeting
  • navigate with google maps and build their own personalized agenda.

The web CMS system – connected with the suite of mobile apps – is fitted up with analytical features to track and measure user behaviour in the application, gather their feedback and keep the data updated in real time.

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On-the-fly updates and interactive maps

The cross-platform mobile solution provides a dynamic experience of the conference and enables the organizers to effectively manage their event.

The solution enables the organizers to update the conference agenda on-the-fly, gather feedback and share information about the speakers. Since the app is fitted up with an interactive map, social media features and the capacity to create and manage multiple conference tracks, it creates a comprehensive digital environment for all the event stakeholders together with:

  • assisting event participants in networking connecting them with other goers before and during the event
  • helping organizers manage the work behind the scenes in order to deliver the best experience
  • gaining interest of sponsors and connecting them directly with managers and decision-makers

The use of the cross-platform approach enabled a fast and cost-effective development and deployment of the mobile apps on the most popular mobile platforms. Last but not least, a wide range of supported mobile devices and operating systems provided new exposure opportunities for sponsors.

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