Open Source Days

Event & Conference Organization

The solution, a SaaS and cross-platform mobile event management system, consists of a Ruby on Rails web application which is used by the organizers to enter event data, gather and analyse statistics and/or feedback and a suite of mobile apps which can run on a device with Android, iOS, Sailfish OS and Windows Phone.

Open Source Days - screen
Business Value

Manage conferences with your device

Our client, the Mikstura.IT foundation which hosts one of the biggest admittance-free Open Source events in Europe – the Open Source Days, was looking for a solution to mobilize and socialize the conference.

The system was designed and developed in very close collaboration between the client and Selleo. Knowing that the right process produces the right results, we decided to use Scrum to minimise waste and maximise value delivered. As time was a crucial factor to bear in mind, we worked in short sprints and were very strict about quality assurance.

The mobile applications for Android, iOS, Sailfish OS were built by our best mobile developers. A Windows Phone mobile app was developed as a native application with some critical portions of the code, such as networking, the data layer and business logic shared with other platforms, which significantly reduced implementation time. All the applications have platform-specific interfaces, with native look & feel.

The Open Source Days software system enabled the conference organizers to effectively manage their event. Additionally, beautiful, responsive apps allowed the more-than-300 event participants to learn about the event, find the content that was of most interest to them and share their opinions with others.

Technology stack

Cross-platform mobile conference app

The back-end of those apps was developed with Ruby on Rails; the admin panel was fitted up with features enabling to enter data about location, available presentations, workshops, speakers and sponsors, as well as to gather and analyse statistics and feedback.