Learning Management System

CBook is an eLearning digital platform having the learners best interests at heart. The solution is equipped with various personalization tools allowing students to shape the form of classes themselves promoting diversity.

Cbook - screen
Business Value

Making learning a real experience

This multi-sided platform is designed for learners, trainers and authors blurring the lines between the digital and analogue thanks to the flexibility of learning in any location in the world making learning a real experience.

Students can benefit from mobile and social learning experiences while teachers are suited with content management and creation tools which simplifies the process and enables supervision of learning groups.

The system is unbelievably intuitive making it easy to use by users of any age. Because communication is the most important thing in the process of learning a clear messaging system was implemented into the platform together with community features.

Technology stack

eLearning digital platform

The solution was developed by our back-end Ruby on Rails team. We used ReactJS to develop the front-end.