B2B Sales

The multi-sided platform provides sellers with a channel through which to market the goods and services they offer. Though buyers are typically procurement managers / sourcing agents (B2B), consumers may as well take advantage of the deals on offer (B2C).

Fair Deals - screen
Business Value

Manage multiple sub-accounts and purchase sales

With the platform suppliers gain access to information about potential buyers interested in their specific offerings (sales leads); more precise targeting allows to increase the likelihood of the seller actually closing the deal.

Sales offers/deals are created and posted in the web service either by the seller or an agent. The sellers offer their goods or services at a discount. Some deals are available at a discount only if a predefined number of buyers decide to purchase an item / a service.

Buyers can view the offers available and notify the seller of their interest in a posted offer, whereby a lead is created and open to the seller to respond to. Both sellers and buyers can choose paid membership subscriptions.

Technology stack

Horizontal multi-sided platform for sales / purchases

The system has been fully internationalised and can thus be applied in different geographic locations (payments in the local currency). The back-end of the application was developed by Selleo Ruby on Rails developers in Rails 3, while the front-end – in Rails 3 and jQuery. The platform has been integrated with Paypal, Postmark, Pisa (xhtml2pdf), Facebook, LinkedIn and Google.