Online ordering platform

The FoodApp platform allows companies to automate the workflow of food ordering processes. The solution makes it easy to order lunches for work as a group in the office allowing users to choose from more than 20 best local restaurants.

FoodApp - screen
Business Value

Automate the workflow of food ordering processes

The application displays menus and contact numbers from a variety of restaurants, allows automatic order closing and displays the estimated time of delivery. Thanks to the integration with hipchat, users are notified when their account balance is below zero and they should refill their e-wallets.

Just one eligible employee is responsible for placing the group order, receiving orders and money from the rest of the coworkers via the web application. Individual meals are delivered together notifying people involved about the delivery.

Some of the key features are transferring money among users, hipchat notifications, group and individual statistics, and a recommendation engine.

Technology stack

Food delivery platform

The platform was built using Ruby on Rails and ReactJS.