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The Diamond Mine system was developed for the internal needs of our company where we provide teams of software developers to deliver projects or augment existing client teams. In our daily operations, we worklog all the hours spent on clients projects delivering programming services. Those worklogs are a primary means for settlements with clients thus rendering this one of crucial elements of our IT systems.

Diamond Mine - screen

A solution that expands with the growing company needs

Ready made systems always provide some degree of compromise and the one thing we were looking for was a high level of customisation within the technologies that we operate with as a company. We could not find a system that would have that level of extensibility and allow us to freely modify and expand it along with how the company expands and evolves over the years.

This system needed to provide the right amount of flexibility in terms of providing means to accurately register our work as well as provide enough transparency for our clients. By developing a custom system we were able to integrate with a number of project management systems to reinforce the accuracy and accountability.

Process and Project Scope

Small increments deployed to production every week

Diamond Mine was developed to facilitate the management of a project-based service company. The application is composed of three modules:

  • Worklog Reports
  • Invoice Generation
  • Performance Reports.

A swift, smooth and reliable operation of those systems enables us to focus on growing the business rather than worry about mundane tasks.

Business Value

Software that supports operational needs across all departments

In the end, this digital dashboard integrates data from a number of project management applications as well as the accounting system, and allows monitoring revenue, costs, cash flow, and profit margin realized on clients, projects and teams over specified periods of time. It also gathers data about developers progress in various technologies and connects them with a proper position within a company.

The main benefits include the ability to swiftly adapt to changing requirements which represent the way the company evolves over time. For years we had to integrate a number of project management applications so that all of our data is closely coupled with what is going on in the project.

The software is deployed on our own managed servers which lets us control access to the data in a comfortable extent. By owning the API we were able to add integrations with a few other systems that we have created for our internal use such as employee motivation Kudos system as well as team performance measurement and planning tools.

Technology stack

Ember.js app with Ruby on Rails backend

The system was created in a way that the backend provides an API which is later used by the front-end app created in Ember.js. The backend part was created with our main framework which is Ruby on Rails. The same API is written in a way that enables all of our other systems to fetch and submit information easily within the defined system of access rules.