Better Salesman

Sales / Professional Services

BetterSalesman is a SaaS platform consisting of a Ruby on Rails web Content Management System and an iOS-based application. This horizontal solution is meant to facilitate sales processes by enabling the sales representatives of a given company to share ideas and insights on the most effective sales drivers.

Better Salesman - screen
Business Value

Identify, rate and share the best sales arguments

The SaaS system features have been designed and implemented to capture the know-how and expertise of professionals who manage international sales organizations. The solution is equipped with built-in gamification mechanics which foster the reps’ engagement and enhance their motivation by allowing them to both compete and share with each other.

The mobile solution enables the client organization to configure a customized product argument mobile app that the sales representatives can use in the field to identify, rate and share the best sales arguments for a given portfolio of products.

The team managers can easily publish and disseminate documentation and materials about new product launches. Their salespeople are well supported to quickly understand the vital sales arguments associated with specific products and are thus able to conduct their sales in a more effective and efficient manner.

Technology stack

Mobile sales app with web CMS

The back-end of the web platform was developed in Ruby on Rails, together with Bootstrap and PostgreSQL. The mobile platform is ready to be further enhanced with apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.