Reducing the duration and cost of global sourcing projects

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Standardising and automating the manual processes

Dragon Sourcing is a procurement services provider focused on delivering sustainable value and insights from emerging markets. It supports corporates in the effective acquisition of goods and services through a global sourcing process. The company was founded in 2004 and now has offices in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Dragon Sourcing has been operating mainly using excel based tools across multiple of their methodology steps including:

  1. Demand Analysis
  2. Supply Analysis
  3. Strategy development
  4. Supplier selection
  5. Contract Implementation
  6. Supplier Management

This approach rendered rigid and unscalable when the company expanded beyond 50 employees. The company started to explore ways to scale the process through advanced web application platform solution which would integrate all the parts of the methodology into one process. Some of the goals to achieve included reduction in the duration and cost of global sourcing projects by standardising and automating the processes involved (e.g. supplier audits, procurement operations, quality control, logistics and supplier performance management), while at the same time increasing accountability and metrics-driven performance improvements.

Such a solution was to reinforce both:

  • rapid savings to the bottom line whilst being highly analytical
  • total transparency to build strong relationships built on trust and reliability

Service Process

We collocated physically with the client’s Project Manager and Product Owner during his on-site visit at our premises. Initially, we focused on the business goals and objectives to be achieved, the overall project scope and the first version of technical specifications.
Dragon Sourcing and Selleo decided to use an agile / iterative approach to design and develop the business process management platform. After the Product Owner had gathered user feedback to the deliverables, we iterated through the specs to modify them accordingly. With such tech specs at hand, we implemented the first part of the project MVS (Minimum Viable Solution), deployed it and exposed it to selected users for more feedback. Having gathered the feedback from the users, we kept modifying the project scope and implemented further stages of the solution.

The system at its core should consist of a master supplier database and a workflow tool designed to boost the productivity and the effectiveness of the sourcing process. The application should ensure secure access to the platform and a large searchable database of suppliers as well as enable the generation and extraction of data from PDF and Excel files.

We implemented both the front-end and the RoR back-end concurrently in order to shorten the implementation cycle.

client value & trust

business value

Efficient supplier identification with reinforced transparency

The Global Sourcing Platform is an online business process management tool which provides the framework and tools to efficiently conduct global sourcing projects in emerging markets. The solution enables sourcing optimization through consolidation and automation of the sourcing processes involved and provides our client’s customers with visibility into the progress of their sourcing projects. With the use of this BPM solution, Dragon Sourcing can increase the efficiency of sourcing projects execution for several multinational companies, including such enterprises as, for example, ABB, Danone, Philips, British Sugar, Coors, H&M, Kesslers, Mothercare, BP, Rockwool and others.

It is aimed to reduce the average duration of a supplier pre-qualification project by 25% and increase the number of suppliers identified by 50%, within the first year of use.

It’s a business process management system consisting of a master supplier database and a suite of workflow tools designed to boost the effectiveness and the productivity of the sourcing processes involved as well as to provide better visibility / more transparency through business activity monitoring (BAM).

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