An award-winning performance & compliance management platform

ViClarity is a performance and compliance management company based in Ireland. With its offices in Europe and Canada it is one of the leading providers of Risk, Compliance, Governance and Performance Management software. ViClarity has built a customer base of leading international businesses in regulated environments.


Automated tracking and monitoring of performance and compliance

The client needed to create a cloud-based business process and performance management tool allowing automated tracking and monitoring of performance and compliance in organisations. It’s a tool for risk and compliance officers, and anyone who needs to systematically track their performance against regulatory, contractual or strategic measures. It delivers a complete audit trail of all activity together with review processes, trend analysis and reporting.

This SaaS solution was to be applied in multiple business domains – in areas such as:

  • the execution and management of strategy,
  • contractor management,
  • HR processes,
  • executive learning,
  • risk management and
  • compliance activity in highly regulated areas.

The main industries include: Financial Services, HealthCare, Credit Unions, Government & Semi State and Insurance.

Process and Project Scope

Customers’ feedback as a driving force behind a major product pivot

In fact, early customers’ feedback was a driving force behind a major product pivot, which allowed to broaden its application scope from compliance to performance management. Most importantly, the product was to remain industry-agnostic and industry-specific features were to be added only after specific niches responded positively to the solution offered.

Business Value

Reduction of the effort by up to 80%

The solution systematically collects volumes of control information, delivers an accountability trail, displays trends and exceptions and delivers consolidated board/regulator reporting. ViClarity drives real efficiency into the audit process and reduces the effort needed to manage your controls by up to 80%.

Some leading Irish and international companies that rely on ViClarity include RTE, Boston Scientific, The BarryGroup, Mowlam Healthcare, Dublin City University, many Credit Unions, AIG and Allianz.

As regards strategic performance management, for example, ViClarity will take the company strategy and break it into specific goals and objectives that need to be delivered. High-level goals and specifically related objectives are assigned to the executives in the organisation. The executives can further cascade the objectives down the company hierarchy. It helps to achieve two things:

it holds the people involved directly accountable for the delivery of the goals/objectives set and

it keeps the organisation as a whole in line with its strategic direction.

The SaaS tool can thus, among other things, be used for Balanced Scorecard / KPI tracking.

The team have fantastic skills, drive and motivation. They are always very responsive and are always happy to support whether it is a new piece of development or a support call.

Technology stack

Strategic performance SaaS application

The software system is composed of the following functional modules: User/Companies Management, White Label Customization, Customer Features Manager (On/Off/Rename), Audit Generator, Audit Delegation Grid and Scheduler, Reports, Charts and Excel Export.

Ruby on Rails