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React.js development

Our front-end developers leverage the full potential of SPA with React and Redux

Main Features

With development expertise gained on over 150 international software projects

our developers and teams enable CEOs, CTOs, VPs of Engineering and Product Owners in startups and SMEs to design and craft quality software solutions. In doing so, we either augment clients’ in-house teams or deliver complete turnkey projects.

trommsdorff + drüner innovation + marketing consultants GmbH is a Berlin-based international consultancy for data-driven innovation in marketing services.
Their talented developers don’t see this as just a simple project; it’s clear that they care about our success. This attitude is something money can’t buy, so I appreciate this level of dedication. Additionally, their developers have a wide range of interests, extending their knowledge to improve different elements of my business.
CTO, trommsdorff + drüner, Berlin
Data-driven innovation in marketing services
Business Intelligence
Data-driven innovation in marketing services
The BI software tool allows users to visualize, track and benchmark data from social media and Google Analytics to derive an optimal product strategy. With elegant charts and graphs at their hands, the application users gain valuable insights with which to make well-informed decisions. The social media dashboard works as a centralized analytics panel, revealing key consumer insights and enabling the client to stay ahead of their competition.

Client satisfaction

surveys reveal the average score for product and service quality in the last two years have been 85% and 90.2% respectively. We keep working to go beyond that.

I look for 5 key things in a software development partner: great programmers, consistent quality, excellent value, a responsive management team, and a fun experience. Selleo is a solid 5 out of 5 by my standards.

Myron WeberMyron WeberCEO at Northwood Advisors

Benefit from the full potential of SPA with React and Redux

React "puts HTML into JavaScript" which encourages developers to split code into small components. It makes testing and reusing code easier, especially with Higher-Order Components (HOC) technique. React.js development teams build readable and maintainable UI code. With reusable components and great performance, it is used by such companies as Facebook, Paypal, HubSpot, Netflix or Airbnb.

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