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RegTech Software Solutions

Utilize cloud computing and big data

for governance, risk & compliance


We help businesses comply with regulations efficiently and less expensively with regulatory technology software as a solution

Our experienced developers help businesses to craft cloud-based SaaS platforms which chang how companies comply with regulations globally. We collaborated with RegTech companies dealing with financial services, cybersecurity, compliance and risk management. We deliver configurable, easy to integrate, reliable, secure and cost-effective features to streamline and manage data, processes, and filings. Update your processes of regulation compliance with machine learning and AI-powered software.

Alyne GmbH is a Munich-based venture-backed B2B RegTech company providing SaaS software products in the domains of cyber security, risk management, and compliance. The solution is trusted by such industry-leading companies as Barclays, Allianz, Deloitte and solarisBank.
Manuel Reil
We wanted to augment our team, speed up the development process, and transfer knowledge. Selleo worked diligently to provide a solution that runs effectively. They produced a result that followed the specifics of a complex project.
Manuel Reil
CTO, Alyne, Germany
Speed-up and scale development process
Software as a Service for Cyber Security, Risk Management and Compliance
Speed-up and scale development process
Alyne needed software development expertise on improving the flexibility of the frameworks they use for SaaS products. Selleo provided expertise on improving the framework for a SaaS solution. This included providing insight on API and UI. They leveraged our skills and expertise to ship features faster and demonstrate their ability to execute.

Regtech solutions help companies to adapt dynamically to new requirements

RegTech, often described as a new FinTech, means regulatory technology and is connected mostly with the financial services industry. RegTech software solutions chang how companies comply with regulations globally. They are usually powered by such new technologies as cloud computing, big data, machine learning, and natural learning processing or artificial intelligence. These solutions help companies to streamline compliance and risk management bringing more data and efficiency to regulatory requirements.

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