Ruby on Rails Enterprise Application Development;

Ruby on Rails Enterprise Application Development

We contribute to the Ruby on Rails framework itself, speak at Ruby developer events, and share our experience with the Ruby on Rails community at GitHub

We design, develop, integrate and maintain custom e-business web applications for SMEs. We have delivered both self-contained e-business systems and business-process optimization tools. The solutions support front- and back-office processes in the B2C and B2B fields. In Selleo we also work on Ruby on Rails enterprise application development. Members of our teams contribute to the Rails framework itself, speak at Ruby developer events, and share their experience with the RoR community at github. Ruby on Rails aka RoR is a free open source web development framework based on Ruby language. Ruby on Rails follows OOPS which stands for Object Oriented Programming System, which is optimized to develop high quality and interactive websites that attract more traffic compared to web sites written using other technologies, thus resulting in better page rank of targeted website. Our teams of experienced Ruby on Rails Developers can provide a working model conforming to client’s specifications before investing the time and money in a finished site. Our business partners get first prototype within weeks instead of months and it directly converts to cost savings. To ensure both the quality of service and an affordable price we have adopted an on-site/offshore-centric model for collaboration and often visit our European clients to deliver client-intensive services on-site. We operate from Poland and use English to communicate with our clients so we can call ourselves Ruby on Rails Europe Developers.

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