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Looking for a team to execute a project or augment your existing one?

Web and Mobile Development

Our highly experienced team would love to help you transfer business ideas into digital solutions

We have created comprehensive software for industries such as Business Products & Services, Marketing, IT Security, Human Resources and Education, partnering with companies from Sweden like Battleriff, Studentvikarie and Saleskick.

Hire a Team

Hire a team of experienced developers to handle a web project. We have collaborated with companies from 15 different countries in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific.


Augment Your Team

Get hold of dedicated resources to augment your team and speed-up web development processes. We’ve worked on more than 150 projects so far.


Hire a dedicated team to undertake new engagements.

- extend your in-house resources and reduce the development time on the projects executed - add staff with specialized skills or industry expertise not available in your company - enhance your capacity to take on more projects than you are able to handle today

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We craft web and mobile applications in Ruby on Rails, EmberJS, ReactJS, AngularJS and React Native

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