for software product companies and software development houses

Software product companies as well as software development houses and consultancies choose to draw on our expertise, experience and discreteness to implement specific web and mobile projects or else augment their existing teams to accelerate their execution and/or extend their own skill-sets. In doing so, we delivered the service to companies and consultancies from such locations as, for example, New York, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Geneva, Copenhagen and Oslo.

With our flexible engagement model you can hire a single qualified developer or the whole dedicated team as an extension of your in-house resources. Together we will:

  • adopt an approach and methodology that suit your project type: more agile for new high-market-risk apps with scope less precise and/or likely to change and less agile for smaller, well-defined projects, e.g., a rewrite/porting of an existing system;
  • set up the team architecture and establish the team members’ roles and responsibilities;
  • ensure due protection of your intellectual property rights.

We often physically collocate with the clients we serve (in Europe) either at the beginning of the project or during important moments in the project implementation, e.g., at a major product pivot. Sometimes clients come over to work with the whole team on our premises or we periodically delegate 1-2 senior people to work for the Client onsite. They usually stay there for up to 3 weeks if needed.


With the wide spectrum of technologies we strive to ensure support for a variety of popular web and mobile platforms.

We are passionate and diligent Rubyists who leverage the power of Ruby on Rails and other related web technologies in programming software applications. Agile / iterative practices allow our clients to flexibly implement the right software solutions.

We create cost-effective cross platform mobile solutions as well as high-performance native applications. Our native programming competences cover iOS and Android (apps written in objective-c and java). With cross platform technologies (Xamarin, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3) our devices stack is extended to Windows Phone, FireFox OS and SailFish OS.

Collaborating with Selleo enables you to :

  • increase your existing capacity to take on projects you would not otherwise be able to undertake
  • extend your in-house resources and reduce the development time on the projects served
  • add staff with specialized skills or industry expertise not presently available in your own company
  • choose dedicated full-time or part-time resources who can collocate periodically with your staff

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