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ember-cli-mirage/miragejs passthrough random url



While developing an app with mocks, sometimes We need to passthrough a certain url, so pretender can pass the request to the specified url, so what We’d do is simply


to pass all requests to this domain. But what if We deal with aws lambdas which can have generated urls like here https://domain-<random-stuff>.com?

Up until recently, We couldn’t handle that, at least not so easily, but luckily an undocumented feature was added which allows for passthrough to take a function as argument which has to return either true to passthrough the request or false to be caught by pretender.

(function argument is allowed in ember-cli-mirage#1.1.4 and miragejs#0.1.31)

e.g server.passthrough((request) => request.url.includes("domain") Should handle pesky auto-generated urls.