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Replicating Rails `content_for()` in Phoenix

Typically in Rails layout you would do sth similar to this:

<%= yield :nav_actions %>

then in view (i.e. “resource_abc/show”):

<% content_for :nav_actions do %>
  <!-- whatever -->
<% end %>

To replicate this behavior in Phoenix use render_existing/3

In layout:

<%= render_existing @view_module, "nav_actions." <> @view_template, assigns %>

Then in your template folder (“resource_abc/“) you need to define extra file (for show action) - it will render content of only if the file exists.

If you want to render nav_actions for all resource actions just skip @view_template:

<%= render_existing @view_module, "nav_actions",  assigns %>

In this case file should be named nav_actions.html.eex.