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Configure graphql syntax highlighting in VS Code

Initially, gql query/mutation are displayed as regular strings.

GraphQL file without syntax highlighting

To enable syntax highlighting, autocompletion, and validation for graphql query/mutation definition in VSCode follow few steps.

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Step 1

Open Extensions tab in your VS Code and install GraphQL plugin

GraphQL plugin for VS Code

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Step 2

Create a new file graphql.config.json file in your project’s root folder.

  "name": "Name of your Project",
  "schemaPath": "./schema.json",
  "extensions": {
    "endpoints": {
      "Default GraphQL Endpoint": {
        "url": "URL_to_your_graphql",

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End result

Now you should have syntax highlighting, autocompletion, and validation in your graphql files based on your graphql schema


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Additioanl info

Any problems with the setup? Please check out the plugin documentation

If you’re using Apollo in your project you can try the Apollo GraphQL Extension for VS Code