A solution for data collection and management

ViewWorld were looking for a software-development partner to help them transform their ideas on data collection, transmission and sharing into a functional and practical web and mobile solution. The client intended to redesign a web based reporting system and an Android application as well as to create an iOS mobile app.

In 2012 ViewWorld commissioned Selleo to develop the version 2.0. of their system and, in doing so, work on the following system components:

  • an Android client
  • an iOS client
  • a backbone.js web front-end
  • an API back-end in Ruby on Rails

We joined the Vieworld product team and started the collaboration by delivering technology consulting services on the tech stack and the architecture to be applied to build the SaaS platform and the suite of apps. We also jointly agreed to use an agile / iterative approach to the software solution development.

We very much enjoyed the close relationship established between the ViewWorld product team and the Selleo development team which allowed us to collaborate both effectively and efficiently. In practice, direct collaboration was centred around regular weekly meetings conducted via skype. It is during such meetings that we managed the high-level scope of the project, the lower-level milestone backlogs as well as milestone acceptance activities. We started implementation with the web service and moved on to Android and iOS app development in later projects stages.

Working together as a close-knit team was definitely a factor behind the solution delivered to serve people and organizations in monitoring projects through mobile data collection.

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