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Event Storming Workshop:
Build software that better understands your business

Event Storming workshop is a creative and powerful way
to build the product your customers need with less risk and cost.
Unleash your project potential with a groundbreaking process.

Rapid Modelling Approach

Event Storming is a flexible workshop-based method invented by Alberto Brandolini in 2012 for the quick discovery and exploration of complex business domains. This storming collaborative approach is beneficial for creating a business model for the development projects and obtaining a shared understanding of important business problems.

Collaborative Group Learning

The technique brings all the project stakeholders together, both developers and non-technical users in order to explore complex business domains and learn from each other. Event Storming can be used as a means for business process modelling and requirements engineering.

Highly Lightweight

Compared to other methods Event Storming is highly lightweight and by design requires no use of any software application (unless you do it onsite). All we need is unlimited space on a wide wall, a lot of sticky notes in various colours and both business and technical people gathered together in one room.

Agnieszka Pawlicka

Scrum Master


As a Scrum Master with PSM certification and Agile Coach, I facilitate team's progress toward team goals and focus on improving team dynamics and performance. I am passionate about methods and techniques which accelerate team’s work and software development. As a facilitator of Event Storming sessions I help people to gain a shared understanding of how their business operates while also visualizing their potential issues and solutions.

Agnieszka Pawlicka - Scrum Master

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