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What if you could create a custom workflow to match the way your team works?

A good example of how workflow management can be useful in business environment is PacTrac, an online platform for companies in the construction industry. It provides the companies and employers with the necessary infrastructure to better manage employee allocations, communication with clients, assign tasks, evaluate workers and keep track of what has been done. Determining the employees’ roles in the processes helps to schedule the tasks in a more objective manner. The system organizes the work by assigning employees their daily tasks, depending on their workload or qualifications. This is particularly important in distributed working environments as well as in organizations where the team has to perform many repetitive, similar or identical tasks. Thus, by using appropriate workflow software, it is easier to connect together various departments and systems.

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Furthermore, the use of workflow management increases the security of the organization resulting from better control of work and protection of documents. The managers or supervisors can easily verify and assess employees working in the workflow, and in the case of an error or data breach, it is easy to determine the person responsible. Using workflow management also benefits the employees, as each team member can be given a task with specific and structured guidelines. This way of management also gives them an incentive to work more efficiently and shows them that they play an important part in the work process and how big an impact their work has on other team members.

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