Xamarin Event Management

Xamarin Event Management

Open Source Days Conference Guide app for Android, iOS, Sailfish OS, Firefox OS, Windows Phone

The Mikstura.IT foundation provides an interactive forum for web and mobile programmers, graphic designers, entrepreneurs and NGO innovators. They organize meetups and events focused on the practical side of technology, civic engagement and business innovation. The organization supports people in their efforts to hone as well as share both hard and soft skills with which to build pragmatic, down-to-earth and innovative software solutions. Once a year, the foundation partners with regional universities and industry-focused publishing houses to host the Open Source Days conference for the enthusiasts of open source software as well as for those interested in the practical application of open source software in business and non-profits / NGOs.


The Open Source Days software system enabled the conference organizers to effectively manage their event. Additionally, beautiful, responsive apps allowed the more-than-300 event participants to learn about the event, find the content that was of most interest to them and share their opinions with others. The use of the Xamarin technology enabled fast and cost effective development and deployment of the mobile apps on most popular mobile platforms and allows the client to expand its reach to Windows 8 devices and Smart TVs in the future. The use of this solution also creates a chance to host an eco-friendly – 100% paper-free – event by replacing paper agenda and schedules with mobile apps. A wide selection of supported devices and operating systems provided new exposure opportunities for sponsors; the Open Source Days have gained the support of such companies as Microsoft, RedHat, Google, Travis CI, Akamai, Oracle and MySQL to name a few prominent examples.

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