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This guide has been designed to be a great starting point for every team wanting to begin their testing journey. Along the way, you will learn the best practices that improve your work and the efficiency of your team. It is also a great common source for all looking for standardization of testing practices.

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This guide is perfect if you want to

Get familiar with testing in general

Understand why and what to test in Ember

Speed up your frontend development workflow

Use the full power of Ember ecosystem

Automate quality checks of your work

Write cleaner code


Why should I test?

In the beginning, writing tests may feel like a waste of time, but in fact, it will pay of in the future when your codebase grows. If your product operates for months or even years, it means that you have to do manual testing of your app every time you introduce changes to the code. It is not a problem if you have dedicated resources for that purpose, but in the end, a lot of the work that is repeatable, instead of being automated, is handled over and over, increasing the risk of introducing a mistake. We are just humans, after all. Now imagine that our Team grows. A new member is not aware of every decision that the other developers made. They can break the existing code base and features. Then, there is a chance that a reviewer will miss this breaking change and move it to the production codebase if it is not well-tested.


Let's build the guide together


I love open source. That's why everyone can improve Ember Testing Guide on Github. You can take a look at already opened issues or propose new things that can be added to the guide. Help to enhance version of the guide today. I’d love to hear your feedback!

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